Weight Training for Baseball Off-Season

There’s Never Down Time

When the last out of the baseball season is caught or tagged it may mean that the season is over but it does not mean the end of a baseball player’s workout routine. On the contrary, the off-season is an excellent time for many baseball players to:

  • Bulk Up
  • Increase Strength
  • Gain Power

All of this can be achieved by hitting the gym and developing an efficient workout routine so that come next season you will be able to improve your game and handle the next level of competition. There are a number of good programs that have been touted by Major League Players. Finding the right routine for you has a lot to do with your personal preference as well as what your main goals are when it comes to the upcoming season.

Get Up & Motivated

For every baseball player, an increase in one’s upper-body strength is something that is especially coveted. In order to achieve this it’s recommended to engage in a full body workout hitting all major muscle groups every workout, three times per week. Of the three workout days, all are total-body training days. That said, the emphasis switches between the lower and upper body depending on the day. A player’s offseason goal should be to build overall strength and this can vary as the off-season progresses. Let’s take a deeper dive at the different parts of the body that should be worked out.

Legs Keep You Moving

What would a baseball player be without his legs? Sure you might be able to hit a baseball, but if you don’t have strong and fast legs to take you from base to base, you’ll never make it back to home plate to score a run. Legs should be any baseball player’s primary focus on your offseason training. Exercises should be done with both legs and also single leg. Squats, lunges, dead lifts should be a player’s primary exercises to help develop pure strength.

Exercises that take one through a full range of motion are crucial to building up strength. Ankle, calf, hamstring, groin and hip movements help strengthen a player and add to one’s flexibility. The ability for our leg’s to be strong and flexible determines a good deal of what comes out of our hand or off our bat. In other word’s, legs are really the glue that helps make or break a baseball player.

Core Keeps You Up

When it comes to strengthening one’s core, it’s first important to clarify that core and abs are not one in the same. Your abdominal muscles are only a part of the core. Doing exercises on a body ball can help engage and strengthen one’s core. Whether it is one’s feet, knees, butt, back or hands on the ball, it’s really vital to engage your core since the body must find balance and stability. The core is what helps keep you going. Much of your energy and strength comes from your mid-section.

Working out the core can also be fun since there are many creative and original ways to help enhance this area. One such way is to find a big rock and swing it from side to side and up and down. If you’d rather go to a gym you can also do this exercise with a medicine ball. In actuality though, this exercise can be successful with any hard heavy object.

Upper Body, Work Those Pecs

Depending on the position you play, will also change your upper body workout routine. Generally upper body exercise is done a bit heavier for position players than pitchers. One can typically hit each upper body part once or twice a week during the off-season. This workout should be comprised of one’s back, chest, shoulders and arms. While a strong upper body is important to staying fit, it is not as essential as working out your core and legs.

Mix It Up

The off-season can sometimes get a little boring or dry since you’re not actively on the baseball field on a daily basis. As such it helps to keep your workout interesting. Each day of your workout should be a little different. In addition to the exercises discussed, you can also do some jumps and shuffle drills to help with your strength. Adding in some yoga or stretching can also be beneficial, as it will help increase your flexibility. No matter, as long as you get up and get yourself working out 3-5 times every week during the off-season you will be on your way to possibly your best baseball season yet!



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