3 Great Conditioning Drills For Football Practice

Football Conditioning Drills

Those that play football know the game really takes it out of you. By the fourth quarter of a grueling match, there is little denying the fact that you are tired…very tired.

Yet letting up in the final minutes of a game is a surefire way to let a better-conditioned team take home the win. Fortunately, there are a number of different football conditioning drills that can improve your overall endurance so you are still going strong when the game is on the line. Incorporate these into your workout and you will be one of the best-conditioned players on the field.

Though the drills below might be “gut-busting,” they are also effective. Struggle through each of them, even when you feel like giving up. Before you know it, your conditioning will be greatly improved. Work these into your weekly routine and even the fourth quarter will feel like the first.

50 40s

One of the most traditional football conditioning drills is the simply named “50 40s.”

As the name implies, you run 50 separate 40-yard sprints. Set up two cones 40 yards apart for markers and sprint back and forth between them. Stop and rest for one to two minutes between each sprint. The concept of this conditioning drill is simple but completing it is not.

Four Corners Drill

Another great drill for football conditioning is the four corners drill.

Start by setting up four cones in a 10-yard by 10-yard square. You are going to make your way around the outside of the square while facing a single direction. The exercise begins by backpedaling one cone length, then side shuffling another cone length, then sprinting forward, then side shuffling to the beginning cone. Rest and repeat five times.

The four corners drill is so effective partially because it has a lot of variations. You can add foot quickness drills like karaoke or crossovers into the mix (instead of side shuffles). High-knees, butt-kicks, bear crawls, and a number of other movements can also be added in.

100 Burpee Challenge

An outstanding exercise to end a tough day of training with is the 100 burpee challenge. Just as its name implies, it is an attempt to complete 100 burpees in a single sitting.

Perform the burpees in sets of 10. Rest for one minute between each set. Complete 10 sets in total for a truly grueling football conditioning workout.

Mix It Up

There are any numbers of great drills that you can use to build up your endurance for football. The three mentioned above are only the tip of the iceberg.

It is important to vary your exercises from time to time so your body continues to develop and so you don’t get bored. In addition to the drills above, you can perform sprints, stairs, push-ups, sit-ups, squat jumps, and mountain climbers in high amounts with a lot of repetition.

As long as a conditioning drill gets your body working and makes you feel like you want to quit (push through it!), it is probably working.

Football Conditioning Drills

Many older players tell horror stories about their football practices growing up. Chances are that some of you currently playing competitive football have similar stories involving practice or post-practice conditioning drills.

The fact of the matter is that football is a lot of work. Gut-busting conditioning exercises are essential to your success. They might not be fun. They might be the farthest things from fun. But stick to them and the results will follow. And, hey, what’s more fun than winning a football game?



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