Serving the Community Strengthens Team Chemistry

Ways to Build a Team and Serve Community

Sometimes your team’s self-esteem can take a hit. A hard season or a personal tragedy may be the cause. Team building exercises may get boring. Your team may need to solidify their chemistry. They may need to learn to follow directions.

Community service helps to solve all of these problems. Community service helps both the team and the coaches. It can teach players how to listen and follow directions. It encourages team activities outside of sports. It raises self-esteem. It teaches humility and selflessness. Community service can lead to better communication skills.

There are several community service activities that teams can participate in. Each one can help players individually and the team as a whole. These activities can give players a sense of pride and accomplishment. It can show that giving back to the community is rewarding.

Read To Children Or Seniors

Reading to children or seniors can help them to reach out to new people. As humans we tend to limit ourselves to those that we have things in common with. Our peers are usually those within our age group. We see those who are younger or older than us as people we have nothing in common with. We tend to avoid those who cannot immediately relate to us.

Reaching out to people of different age groups can emphasize that taking initiative can be rewarding. Stepping outside of your comfort zone results in your mind playing up “what if” scenarios. “What if I fail?” “What if they don’t like me?” “What if I mess up?” Mental restrictions like this leads to people telling themselves “I can’t do it.” They will stay safe inside of their “bubble” and will never want to try anything new.

Reading can be enjoyable for both parties. Children like when older people show interest in them. Older people like when young people take time out of their day to come visit them. The player can feel good knowing that something simple he did made someone’s day. He can also feel good knowing that he stepped outside of his comfort zone. This may lead to him trying new things, or exerting himself more, to the benefit of the team.

Anti-Bullying Project

Sports teams are often seen as leaders in their community. Taking the initiative is an important part of being a leader. Participating in an anti-bullying project may help to reduce the level of bullying in a school. The team can use its position as a force for good. This can give them a sense of pride, knowing that they helped to make a change for someone. It can also help them to break down barriers and help people to communicate more effectively.

By being a mediator or starting a conversation, the player will learn that each situation is unique and must be handled individually. This can carry back to the team. Each player is unique, and must be handled differently. Teaching your team to respect people’s individuality can build a positive team atmosphere.

Other Community Service Activities

Ask around your community to find out if there is anything your team can do for local non-profits or businesses in the area. They may be able to help construct a building, rake leaves or do chores around someone’s house.

Community service helps your players grow individually and as a team. It can teach them how to break down mental barriers that were holding them back. It can teach them to take the initiative. They can learn to use their position for good. They can also get a boost in self-esteem and self-confidence.



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