does running build muscle

Does Running Build Muscle?

We, humans, have a weird way of keeping fit; throughout the winters we let our bodies go out of shape and then when summer arrives we start looking for quick ways to redefine our bodies. Maybe we act like this because of instinct, or maybe because we know no one’s going to be seeing our body shape in the winter, regardless of why we do it, there are many ways of getting your body in shape, and today we’re going to take a look at quite a simple one. Does running build muscle? Running is often used as a form of cardio exercise to get rid of excess body fat so not a lot of people consider running to be an effective way of gaining muscle mass, however if you do it in the right manner then running can have the same effect on your body as what you would experience during hard weight training.

To increase your muscles by running, the first and most important thing to do is to remember always to sprint, sprinting at high speeds in short bursts is a scientifically proven method of reducing body fat and building muscle. By sprinting we push our bodies’ to their boundaries in more ways than one, our fast twitch muscle fibers, which contribute to muscle strength significantly, benefit a lot from sprinting, growing in size quite significantly. Along with bolstering our muscle fibers, sprinting also provides a significant boost to the body’s testosterone levels and brings the Cortisol count down quite noticeably, Cortisol is a stress hormone that encourages the body to store more fat, so having less of it means that your body will accumulate fat at a slower pace.

Sprinting is also a lot more efficient at burning fat than running and jogging, in fact, it’s so effective that studies show that people following a routine of regular sprinting for two weeks have noticed their waste line reduced by as much as 3cm. Sprinting also increases the body’s endurance and stamina, making it a great combination with working out as scheduled sprints can help people work harder in the gym before reaching their limit. Apart from helping you build muscle and making your body better at consuming energy, sprinting is also great for the heart, it promotes better blood circulation and keeps the heart functioning smoothly, studies have shown that people who sprint are less likely to suffer from inflammatory heart diseases and that their heart rate is a lot lower while they are at rest.

Better blood circulation also results in people being more active and alert, making it a great form of exercise. A simple yet efficient manner of sprinting is to start off with 30 to 35m sprints with a 4 minute gap between each sprint, you can start off with sprinting 3 times in one go and then as your endurance levels increase you can increase the distance that you sprint, the number of times that you sprint and decrease the time during each break. Following a routine like this will help you get rid of flabby body fat and bring out your muscles in no time, making sure that when the time to be shirtless comes, you’ll look great.

Remember that sprinting alone won’t help you build muscles, you’ll also need to focus on your diet, making sure to eat plenty of proteins and to cut back on excessive carbs, eat healthy and follow a well thought out diet so that your body has a constant supply of energy and nutrients that allow it to grow. Also keep in mind that nothing can be worse than overworking your body, be patient and know your body’s limit so that you’re able to exercise in a manner that isn’t harmful to you.



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