proform power 995i treadmill review

Proform Power 995i Treadmill Review

Setting up a gym in your home is a great way of staying fit without having to invest too much time and effort into your workouts. The initial cost can be high since you need to get all the right equipment, but it is definitely worth the extra cost when you consider the long-term benefits of having a gym that is easily accessible. Every home gym set up needs a treadmill since these machines are used in a variety of cardio related workouts. This article about the Proform Power 995i Treadmill review is going to discuss all the features of a treadmill that is designed for runners, but before we get to the product, here’s an overview of what this article contains:

Proform Power 995i Treadmill Review

What Does The Proform Power Treadmill Offer?

proform power 995i treadmill reviewMost treadmills that are geared towards people who want to use them at home focus more on keeping the treadmill small and easy to use, resulting in treadmills that aren’t able to satisfy users who need power. The Proform Power 995 treadmill is an exception because it is designed to provide users with the performance they need to push their limits, the treadmill has a commercial level 3.0 CHP Mach Z motor that operates the treadmill’s running track and allows it to provide users with a broad range of speeds. The running track measures 60 inches and offers a low-impact workout thanks to the ProShox cushioning used in it; the track also has an incline option that can go from 0 to 15 percent while the machine is being operated.

The 995i’s console has a 7-inch backlit display that provides you with information related to your workout progress; the machine also has Wi-Fi connectivity that allows the user to connect it with their handheld devices and sync their workout data. Its handlebars have built-in heart rate monitors in them that gather data and display it on the console screen in real time. Now let’s take a more detailed look at the Proform 995i.


The first and most important section of every treadmill is its running track, Proform has given a lot of attention to the 995i’s running track and has successfully been able to provide users with a smooth, silent and powerful running experience. The 3.0 CHP motor that powers the machine’s belt is quiet enough not to be too noticeable but manages to provide gym level performance, the 995i can handle running speeds of up to 12 MPH, making it a pretty performance orientated home treadmill. The running track has a length of 60 inches, making it spacious and comfortable to run on, the running track takes advantage of ProShox cushioning material, this significantly reduces the impact to a user’s joints during prolonged cardio sessions on the treadmill and enables the 995i to provide users with a more comfortable workout experience.

Another feature of the 995i that makes it a great treadmill for intense cardio sessions is its ability to incline its running track by up to 15% while the machine is being used, all you need to do is push a button, and the treadmill will adjust itself. The Proform Power 995i has a pretty great running track, and its console is pretty great too. Equipped with a 7-inch wide backlit screen that provides data related to the user’s workout progress, the treadmill can also keep track of a person’s heart rate thanks to the two heart rate monitors that are built into its handlebars. Alternatively, users also have the option to connect any other third party heart rate monitoring chest piece to the treadmill as well.

Numerous Proform Power 995 treadmill reviews from owners of the machine praise its responsive and easy to use console controls, every button on the treadmill is responsive, allowing users to quickly make adjustments to the treadmill between sessions. The 995i also has Wi-Fi connectivity and is iFit enabled, allowing you to access all the features of iFit and combine them with the treadmill to make your running sessions more fulfilling and download new workouts once you’re done with the 30 pre-installed workouts that come with the treadmill. The 995i has a pretty well-designed console and computer program which makes using the treadmill straightforward and fun, and to top it off, the console even comes with a built-in fan that blows you with air to keep you cool during especially intense workout sessions. The only downside to this treadmill is that while it does provide you with 30 exercises, none of them are explained in detail, making them hard to follow correctly, also, the Proform 995i WiFi setup is hard to figure out due to the lack of clear instructions provided.

The Power 995i Treadmill is built with high-quality parts and is likely to provide you with excellent service for a long time, Proform offers a lifetime warranty on its frame and motor and a three-year warranty on other parts, and you also get a one-year warranty on labor.


To sum it all up, the Proform PFTL99715 Power 995i treadmill is a great treadmill that provides professional level performance geared towards people who want a sturdy treadmill in their homes. Being a performance orientated cardio machine doesn’t mean that the 995i is only suitable for runners, the treadmill is guaranteed to provide a wholesome workout experience no matter what the user’s goals are. Its practicality and ease of use are further enhanced by its well-equipped console and responsive controls, making the Proform 995i a great treadmill to have for your home gym setup.



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