Popular Baseball Training Aids

4 Popular Training Aids Explained

Baseball training aids are designed to help players of all skill levels, positions, and ages become better baseball players. They span the range of baseball and include batting aids, pitching aids, fielding aids, and much more. Such training aids can be used independently when you have no one else to practice with, with a friend or coach, or with your entire team at practice.

If you want to become a better-rounded baseball player, then the four baseball training aids discussed below are for you. Even investing in only one of the four will greatly improve your baseball skills in that particular area.

1. Pitching Machine

Perhaps the most popular baseball training aid of all time is the pitching machine. Just as its name implies, the machine pitches balls towards batters. They can easily be adjusted for speed and for accuracy. Working with a pitching machine is a surefire way to improve your skills at home plate.

Pitching machines regularly run for between $500 and $1000. The best models push $2,000. Numerous accessories can be purchased alongside them including ball feeders (devices that hold a number of balls so you don’t need someone to load them for you) and cage setups (so you can hit a ball your hardest without fear of it getting lost or breaking something).

2. Swing Trainer

A swing trainer is another baseball training aid that helps you with your skills at the plate. Though they come in different shapes, sizes, and forms, the basics of them are all the same. One or two cords hold the ball at “pitch height.” You use the trainer by swinging at the ball. Because the ball is firmly attached, you are able to work on your batting technique without needing to chase the ball.

Swing trainers can be found for various different prices depending on the exact model. It is common to find cheaper models at about $50. More expensive (and sometimes more effective) models run around $200.

3. Pitching Target

A great way to practice your pitching on your own is with a pitching target. This is basically just a net with the figure of a catcher on the front and a space cut out where the average batter’s strike zone would be. These training aids can be used to hone pitching accuracy when a real catcher isn’t around to train. You can also invest in a radar gun so that you can work on both your pitch speed and accuracy at the same time.

Pitching targets run around $75 while radar guns are priced between $75 and $150.

4. Rebound Trainer

Rebound trainers offer an excellent method for baseball players to practice their fielding skills when they are by themselves. They come in the form of tightly woven nets. You throw a baseball at them and it quickly springs back towards you. This tests your reflexes and allows you to hone your fielding techniques.

Depending on the quality of your rebound trainer, you are looking at spending between $50 and $100. It is wise to invest in a higher-quality trainer as the lesser-quality models are known to fall over backwards when balls are thrown too hard.

Popular Baseball Training Aids

The sheer number of baseball training aids on the market today is truly remarkable. While it is nice to have some selection, the variety can also make choosing the best one for you difficult. The four types of training aids discussed above are among the best of the best. They are all time-tested and highly effective ways for you to fine-tune and hone your baseball skills.



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