What is The Ice Cream Fitness Routine?

The world of fitness and health has started to rapidly evolve in recent years, with one of the most visible trends being that of the ice cream fitness routine. This fitness routine is based on a simple principle: two separate workouts that you alternate between each session.

The Importance of Rest Days

One of the biggest mistakes that a lot of people tend to make when it comes to exercise routines is that they don’t pace themselves. While maintaining a regular workout routine is certainly critical, at the same time you need to keep in mind the fact that your muscles are going to need a bit of rest now and again to heal.

If you do not give your muscles the chance to rest, you will not experience the kind of gains that would otherwise be possible. With the ice cream fitness routine, you are essentially going to be working out Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Tuesday and Thursday will be off days and the weekend will be set aside for rest as well.

This will give your muscles ample recovery time, thereby allowing them to rebuild and grow stronger. This is a highly important facet of this exercise routine, and one of the biggest reasons why it is so effective as a long term fitness and strength training regimen.

Training routine A is also more intensive than training routine B, so after a day of recovery following a routine A regimen you will be going for a less intense workout which would keep your muscles active but would not strain them to that extent.

An Emphasis on Holistic Training

Another critical fact about the Ice Cream Fitness Routine is that it does not isolate muscle groups. On each workout day, you are going to be giving your body a complete workout with every muscle group targeted. You are going to be extremely sore all over the next day, but since each exercise day is followed by a day of rest, this is not going to be an issue.

The primary benefit of targeting your whole body during training day is that it will help all of your muscles grow at a steady and consistent pace. You won’t have to deal with an uneven musculature, and this is going to have the added advantage of improving strength instead of just the aesthetic nature of your body.


The Ice Cream Fitness Routine is definitely one of the more superior training regimens out there. The intensity of the routine means that you can slowly build both strength and muscle and allow yourself the advantage of enjoying a much more stable result.

Another benefit of this training routine is that it is not a stop-gap, short-term solution. This training regimen is intended to provide long-term results, which is something that a lot of the new training regimens that are being marketed fail to offer.



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