How Often Should I Deadlift?

How Often Should I Deadlift?

Deadlifting – known to be the king of exercises. It is a powerlifting exercise in which a heavy barbell is lifted off the ground. Before starting with how often should one deadlift, let’s look over to how it actually works, what are the perks of deadlift, and how important Deadlifting is for fitness and bodybuilding.

Biologically, various muscles of the body are used while deadlifting including Rectus Abdominis present on the Abs, Obliquespresent on the side Abs, Rhomboids present on upper inner muscles right below the neck, Levator Scapulae present on jaws to the shoulder, Trapezius present on upper neck and middle neck, Erector Spinae present on the lower back, Soleus present on some parts of calf muscle, Gluteus Maximus present on the hips, Quadriceps present on upper front legs, Adductor Magnus present on inner thighs.

Deadlifting is immensely rehabilitative and very effective when it comes to building strength. Deadlifting is the only fitness exercise that requires so much hard work yet has perks no other fitness exercise can ever have. Deadlifting requires hard work that separates men from boys. Deadlifting targets all your body and consequently builds a proper posture for every fitness freak. Another perk that comes with deadlifting is that it requires very less amount of equipment. Since deadlifting works on every muscle in the body, it makes your whole body grow at an indecipherable level. When compared to other exercises like Cardio, it keeps you fitter and burns fats more readily. Unlike many exercises, deadlifting has real life applications. You see a dad lifting his baby – deadlifting, you see a kid lifting his school bag – deadlifting.

When examined with a medical aspect, it increases your testosterone levels, provides you strength and stronger immunity, and improves your Cardio magnificently. In other words, it develops your cardiorespiratory fitness and improves your overall health. Deadlifting builds your personality as a fitness expert and improves your performance in every area of fitness. It induces incredible amount of athleticism and strength in your character and in your body. Deadlifting behaves like a protecting shield that saves you from many inflammatory knee disorders like Tendinitis and Tendinosis which are related to muscle tendon inflammation.

Deadlifting is a total body exercise. Scheduling deadlifting in your daily routine depends on the routine that you are already on. Putting Deadlifting on your back day is more efficient than putting it on your leg day. Especially if you are involved in other heavy exercises. Deadlifting once a week is the best way to start up with deadlifting. If you have been wanting to do it more than once a week, then it’s better to add variations. When you add variations, your deadlift progresses smoothly.

Start with Monday if you are going to do floor pulls and then do floor pulls on a Monday again. Do not work above ninety percent. You can do more only when you have gained balance recovery time. You can achieve that by doing something like low rack shrug combination. Along that time, it is never beneficial to pull above ninety percent of your one rep max, do a single when it starts to get manageable, you can work up to a double and maybe a triple too and then you can stick to doubles and triples. You can do occasional singles too if you feel fatigued. Doing it more than twice a week generally makes you experience a lot of lat fatigue. Putting two days per week always works the best for most of the body builders that have been deadlifting for quite a long time. After doing it on Monday, you can do more rep work on Thursday. You can do Low rack pulls. Low rack pulls are not as hard and by doing them you do get some variations. It is absolutely okay if you do not want to do a lot of power shrugs. You can do more low pulling too, but some power shrugs are recommended in some form of variations. But if you do not want to do anything of that sort and you want to pull closer to the floor, work in variations. Work between three inch pulls, five inch pulls, and seven inch pulls – for instance. Variations are actually the key to significant success in deadlifting. But make sure you do not overkill the volume. Doing more than 10 reps per day is totally not recommended. Furthermore, it can take a negative toll on your health and posture. Basically, that is how you can bring your dead to life.

Regarding strength, Coach Mark Rippetoe says,

“Bar is on the ground. One bends over to pull the bar, with straight arms, off the floor, and up the legs until the knees, hips and shoulders are locked out.”

During deadlifting, there is one thing to be taken care of, and that is you have got to be very sure of your grip being wider than shoulder width. A narrow grip causes hands to break open, shoulder blades get restricted, and you end up losing the grip.

Regarding the risks of deadlifting, Mike Reinold, P.T, C.S C.S Owner of Champion Pand performance in Boston says:

“I love the exercise, I believe in the exercise. But your body has to be able to get in the position to use good form – and then you can actually have to use good form – or else the deadlift can easily injure you.”

Another author Lars Berglund, Ph.D. says “Doing the deadlift with proper form teaches you to activate the stabilizing muscle second your spine. It also strengthens your glutes, which are often weak in people with back pain.”

To give this a conclusion, everything comes with their pros and cons. Deadlifting is the kind of exercise that should be carried out with complete care and under guidance. Starting at a gym would always be better than doing it on your own. As everything hard requires courage and determination, deadlifting, too, demands determination and courage. Leaving it in the midway can take a toll on your fitness routine and things can go wrong.

Happy Deadlifting!



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