Gym Etiquette: The Do’s And Dont’s Of Working Out

Working Out Is On The Rise

Millions of people across the globe are avid gym goers. While people have been working out for thousands of years, the ways in which people have worked out has really evolved. In the modern age, people are much more interested in going to the gym because it goes hand in hand with the healthy lifestyles that many are trying to achieve. There are many additional reasons that people work out, mainly because working out:

  • Makes you feel better
  • Keeps you healthy
  • Makes you look better
  • Provides a natural boost of energy

Working out and staying fit is not only good for one’s physical and mental health, but it is also good for one’s social life as well as one’s professional career. First impressions are important and the way that one presents him/herself has a lot to do with how others perceive them. Keeping one’s body in shape shows to others that you care about how you look, which also conveys that you are not a lazy person. People in general are also attracted to those who look and sound fit. Working out can help boost one’s energy and enthusiasm, which can really come in handy in one’s daily career no matter your job.

Going to the gym is not a frivolous activity. On the contrary, it is serious business and can be fun and enjoyable if everyone is respectful and considerate of others while at the gym. Whether you are an experienced gym goer or are starting to work out for the first time, it’s necessary to be cognizant of gym etiquette.

Dress Appropriately

What you wear to the gym is important for not only your own well-being but also for those whom you are working out around. Leave the tattered, torn and dirty clothes at home. Wearing a tattered or torn t-shirt and shorts can cause for too much skin to be revealed. Many would prefer not to be distracted by too much skin or workout clothes that are too tight. Unless you are a bona fide body builder, steer clear of tiny tank tops. As an alternative you can wear sleeve-less tank tops. These tank tops allow you to show off all your muscles while not being overly flashy. As for shorts, stick to mesh gym shorts and save the swimsuit for the pool.

Stay Fresh

It’s a reality that when you workout at the gym you are going to secrete some sweat. Perspiration is natural and if you’re not perspiring when working out than you are likely not pushing yourself hard enough. While sweating is the body’s natural way of cooling itself, too much sweat can also start to smell. As such, one needs to make sure that he/she puts on deodorant prior to working out. Skip the perfume and after-shave lotion for after the workout. It’s much nicer to work out next to someone who smells clean and not sweaty or overly fragranced. To that point, don’t forget to wash your gym clothes since sweat lingers here!

Share Equipment

There’s nothing worse than hogging all the machines at the gym for extended periods of time. If you are doing sets on a piece of equipment, it’s natural to have to rest in-between sets so that your body can re-charge itself. If you see someone waiting to use the equipment, offer to let the other person work in while you are resting. To that point, if you are the other person and notice that there are other machines available in the gym, it may be better to start working out another part of your routine instead of hovering and spending time waiting for a machine.

Use Common Sense

Regardless of where, when or how you are working out, it’s important to always use common sense at the gym. The rules at the gym are very similar to life in general. Being courteous and considerate is the key to gym etiquette. From sharing the water fountain to leaving space for someone in the locker room to taking a quick shower, there are many little acts of kindness that can really go a long way when at the gym. Not to mention, it will help make your workout even more rewarding!



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