Get Into Baseball Shape Fast!

Exercises for Baseball Players

There are any number of reasons that you might be out of shape when a new baseball season rolls around. A few that come to mind include work and family obligations as well as pure laziness.

Why not start working out right now and get into great shape before heading to camp? It will make camp much more enjoyable and will increase your chances of earning a starting spot on your team.

Even if you have waited until the last minute, the workout discussed below will get you into great shape for the upcoming baseball season. Perform each of these four exercises in circuit training fashion for the best results.

Jumping Jacks

Nearly everyone knows how to perform jumping jacks. This doesn’t make them any less effective as an exercise. Take care to make wide arches with your arms. Bring your hands from your sides and touch them over your heads. The more exaggerated you do jumping jacks, the better the results will be.

Shuffle Splits

Perform a shuffle split by standing with one foot about six inches in front of the other. Stand on the balls of your feet. Now shuffle batch and forth, switching places with your feet (back and forth). Generate this movement at the hips. Keep your hands on your hips and your eyes forward for the best results.


Burpees are an incredibly grueling and effective exercise that all baseball players should incorporate into their pre-season training regime. Jump straight up with your arms extended to the sky. Land and sink with your knees and hips into a squat position. Sink until your hands reach the ground in front of your feet. Kick your legs back into the starting push-up position. Immediately kick them back up to squat position and jump. Repeat the exercise.

Mountain Climbers

Start this exercise with your body in push-up position. Keep your arms straight. Now bend one of your knees up towards your elbow. Keep the other outstretched. Alternate between bent (“climbing”) legs back and forth as fast as you can. Keep both your feet and knees pointed straight ahead.

Putting It All Together

Put these four exercises together into a circuit training routine. Do each of them for 30 seconds each. Focus on breathing properly and doing each exercise smoothly rather than going as fast as possible.

Baseball players should aim to be able to do this type of circuit training for four minutes without getting winded to the point of exhaustion. If you can complete four minutes of training and still be breathing steadily, you are in reasonably good shape for the start of training camp. Players that want to take it above and beyond might want to aim to work up to six or eight minutes of these exercises in a row.

Get Into Baseball Shape Fast

Even simple workout programs like this one will allow you to get into great shape fast before baseball camp. Getting into baseball shape in this manner will make training camp easier and more beneficial. It will prevent you from making technical errors that are commonly made due to fatigue.

Work this exercise program into your daily training routine. Be sure to pair it with ample practice time so that you have the fundamentals down pat before the season starts. Pairing great conditioning with a whole lot of practice is the only way to become the best baseball player that you can be.



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