Exercises To Do On A Pull-Up Bar

Simple Yet Effective

Many men and women think that they have to spend hours working out in the weight room in order to see significant results. The truth is that it isn’t necessarily where or what you use to workout but how much you push yourself that makes a difference. As such, sometimes the simplest tools are the key to motivating a person to push the hardest. Many people do not spend nearly enough time using the simple pull-up bar. Oftentimes many do not realize the numerous benefits that the standard pull-up bar can provide. The minimalism of the bar allows for versatility and can be perfect for:

  • Chin ups
  • Pull ups
  • Back exercises
  • Leg exercises
  • And More

Chin-ups and pull-ups are really the daddy of back exercises and their benefits are really invaluable. Many gym-goers get bored with these exercises and instead tend to stray more towards machines and free-weights. The truth is that there really is no reason for an individual to step away from the bar because it has so much to offer. Whether you have just started training or are an avid gym goer, the pull-up bar is vital for stacking your back and building up your strength. Not to mention, the pull-up bar can be used from the comfort of your own home, which means you can save hundreds of dollars on a gym membership. Let’s explore some of the versatile exercises that can be performed on a pull-up bar.

The No Pull Pull-Up

This type of pull-up is perfect for those who are just beginning working out on the pull-up bar. To start, one should choose a grip. There are multiple grips to choose from. A couple examples include the curl and front grab. With the curl grab one must get in the chin up position and hold the bar from the opposite side with palms facing you. Then there is the front grab, which involves grabbing the bar in the front with forward facing palms. It is much more difficult than the curl grab and can be harder on the wrists.

Once a grip is selected, one must then keep their arms straight as you hang from the bar. One must lift their chest up as far as you can and make sure to not bend your elbows. As you perform this exercise you should stay focused on tightening all of your back muscles as you pull your shoulder blades down. Working the small muscles on the back with this exercise will protect against shoulder injury. You should perform as many of these as you can before your grip fails. Aim for 2 sets of 25, and as you advance try to hold each rep at the top position for 3 seconds.

Buddy Chins

Another great exercise that can be carried out on the pull-up bar is buddy chins. This exercise requires the use of a second person who is to be your “buddy” and assist you through the exercise. Performing this exercise starts by having your palms facing towards you. Using one of the grips mentioned previously, you should pull yourself up towards the bar as far as you can. It is then that your training partner should step in and help lift you as soon as you start to slow down, stop, or return to the start. Once at the top, after your buddy has let go, you should slowly lower yourself down until your arms are fully extended.

Complete beginners can jump up and then get help to make it to the bar. While the act of getting up on the bar may make you look a little awkward, it will help you get the job done. Over time your upper-body will become used to the vertical pull movement and get strong enough to reach the bar unassisted. This exercise should be done in 5 sets of 5 reps which should give you the chance to properly work on the pulls without destroying your training partner’s shoulders.

Give It A Try

With more and more gym machines coming into play each and every year, it can make it slightly overwhelming when it comes to trying to workout at a gym. Just because we have more and more weight-lifting choices today doesn’t mean that we should forget the simple pull-up bar. There is a reason that the pull-up bar has been around for hundreds of years. It may not be flashy or big in size, but it will be sure to get the job done. You’ll be stronger in no time after you do some pull-ups and chin-ups on the bar!



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