The Bowflex Revolution Review

Ever had those pesky new year’s resolutions where you want to start going to the gym and finally get working on that dream body you’ve always envisioned for yourself? Or you just don’t want to feel like a couch potato all day, and you just want to get in that bit of exercising so you could at least feel like you didn’t waste an entire day. Well for those who want to keep their fitness in check, here is the Bowflex Revolution review. You may have started going to the gym and begun getting in a workout, but the hassle of actually going there is what keeps making you think “Maybe I’ll just skip today.” Or you only really get free later at night due to the nature of your schedule be it work or other commitments that the hassle of going to the gym isn’t the problem but rather just finding the time to go is. Whatever your reason that makes going to the gym difficult the alternative is to bring the gym to your home instead.

The Bowflex Revolution Home Gym is an all-around workout machine for each part of your body. It packs a smooth workout for each part of your body, and the weights are easily and quickly adjustable for whatever amount you need to bench, lift, you name it. While providing practically each exercise you would find at your local gym but also storing in it up to ten different settings; you can work each muscle from changing angles. The Bowflex Revolution provides the best of an upper, lower and core body exercise.

As an item from Men’s Health Top 100 products, this dextrous machine has over one hundred exercises that the machine can work wonders for, for those looking to do their workout routines conveniently in the comfort of their home. It packs a punch and delivers results to those who are serious about their workouts.  It also lets you do your workouts safely without a spotter, and you can hit any muscle group on it. But for those inexperienced in the matters of a gym it would be preferable to go to the gym itself first with a knowledgeable partner and first structure a workout plan so that once you start doing your routine at home you will know what exactly the Bowflex Revolution can help you with and whether or not it would be a suitable purchase for your needs.

The learning curve is short, how to adjust things to your needs comes with a little practice and soon you’ll be able to finish workouts that you normally do in the gym in about half as much time as the need to wait for machines and dumbbells to be free is lifted and you don’t need to wait for machines to be free or even have to go to the other machines since it is all in one place. Assembly isn’t hard to figure out and goes by the box and may or may not take two or more people but one should be more than enough. However, this is not an exact replicate of the gym experience but rather just a substitute, and it would be a good thing to bear that in mind.



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