Best Yoga Stretches for Lower Back Tightness

3 Stretches for Lower Back Tightness

Tightness in the lower back can be very painful to deal with on a daily basis. Because of stress, work and hurried lifestyles, it’s difficult to ease that pain. Lower back tightness can span from being slightly uncomfortable to hindering your lifestyle.

These stretches for lower back tightness will relieve pain. It is important to remember there are other things you can do to strengthen your lower back so you are less prone to pain in this area.

Try a variety of stretches for best results and remember to always stretch before exercising. Be gentle on your body to avoid pulling any muscles or adding pain to a spasm. With regular practice, these stretches will loosen the lower back so it feels less strained daily.

Try Downward Dog

This is a classic position that stretches the lower back. Put yourself in a plank position then bend at the waist, keeping both the arms and legs in place. Breathe into the painful areas of the lower back for several breaths. If you need to bend the knees, go ahead.

Eventually you will have straight legs for maximum stretch. Remember that your edge is whatever feels right on your body in that moment. There’s no reason to push yourself so you’re 100% uncomfortable.

You can also play with the intensity of the stretch by pedaling the feet and bending and straightening the legs.

Try Child’s Pose

This is a resting pose dedicated to stretching the lower back. There are modified versions of child’s pose that allows a person of any size or age to comfortably try this stretch.

Start by sitting on the knees with legs together. For conventional child’s pose, reach arms out in front of you. You will feel a deep stretch in the lower back.

To get an extra stretch, try bringing both arms to the right side for several breaths, then to the left.

Modified Child’s Pose

If the traditional version of this pose feels too strenuous on the body, try a modified version. Start by sitting on the knees with legs about shoulder width apart.

Stretch arms out in front of you, moving to the left or right and breathing deeply. This position loosens the lower back in the morning to start the day, but also helps you wind down before bed in the evening.

Ultimately, it makes you more comfortable when you’re sitting or standing, which is why it’s the ultimate stretch for lower back tightness.

Try Pigeon

Pigeon is a favorite of hockey and basketball players because it opens the hips and lower back. Start in downward dog position, then lift and bend the right leg. Swing the right leg forward so your calf is parallel to your hips. Your hips should be flat and squared off.

If you need an extra boost, put a yoga block under the right side of your bottom for balance and support. You can choose to stay upright, breathing into the hips and lower back or you can bring arms forward, stretching them straight in front of you as with child’s pose.

The torso should be flat, not rounded, for the best stretch.

That’s It – Hope These Help!

These easy yoga stretches for lower back tightness can be done at home, whenever your schedule allows. Stretch every morning after you get out of bed and in the evening before bed allows your body to get some movement.

Relieving aches and pains with simple stretches can combat lower back tightness for the following day. Remember we are always eating and moving for how we will feel the following day. If you want to feel strong tomorrow, do the work to stretch your lower back today.



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