Best Baseball Hitting Aids

Baseball training aids are among the very best ways for young ballplayers to hone their skills and become better players. Hitting aids are particularly useful as they can help you develop proper swing mechanics and increase both power and contact.

No matter the level of baseball that you play, there is little denying that you can benefit from a baseball hitting aid. Some experts even claim that they are more effective for developing players than playing travel ball is.

Below are a few of the best baseball hitting aids on the market today. If you really want to use an aid for your swing, these are the tools to check out.

Weighted Bat Handle

Weights for bats have been around for a long time. Practicing with one of these specially made baseball bats can improve your power and help you develop your swing mechanics. Hitting homeruns is all about great technique and this one of a kind hitting aid will help you hone your technique.

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Drive Developer

A baseball drive developer is a hitting aid that can help you boost ball exit speeds to an unimaginable degree. This translates into longer and harder drives on the field. The drive developer is specially developed to minimize and correct common hitting issues like hands-first hitting and bat drag. While developing proper technique, this tool also gives you increased confidence in your abilities when you step up to the plate.

Baseball Tee

Every serious baseball player needs a top-quality baseball tee. Invest in a slightly more expensive model for a tee that will last through continuous beatings. There are few better ways to work on your swing without a partner than with a baseball batting tee.

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Training Bat

Special training bats – like those produced by SKLZ – are designed to cure hands roll over in a baseball player’s swing. The “axe-like” design of these bats makes it so that if you aren’t “palm up, palm down” upon impact with the ball, it feels like you are swinging a wet noodle. The tool is a surefire way to fix sloppy hitting mechanics.

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Stationary Hitting Machine

Similar to a baseball tee, a stationary hitting machine can help you practice your swing mechanics whether or not you have a coach or a player to practice with. These devices hold the ball at pitch level on a series of flexible cords so that you can hit one ball after another without the need to fetch them.

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Hitting Nets

There are literally dozens of different models of hitting nets available for baseball players. Pair one of these up with a baseball tee for great results. This baseball training aid simply provides you with the ability to hit countless balls without the need to chase them down afterwards.

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Whiffle Ball Pitching Machine

A whiffle ball pitching machine is a baseball hitting aid that is designed with younger players in mind. Learning to hit whiffle balls can teach you a lot about swing mechanics and proper hitting technique.

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Batting Machine

The most expensive hitting aid discussed here, batting machines are nevertheless effective. As their name implies, they “throw” balls to you so that you can work on your swing in a “real life” situation. Speed and throwing height can be easily adjusted on these machines.

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Best Baseball Hitting Aids

If you want to reach the top of your baseball game, then it is crucial for you to consider investing in a baseball hitting aid. These tools can help you with all areas of your swing from basic mechanics to the individual components of form. Best of all, nearly all of them give you a great way to practice even if no one else is around to practice with!



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