Baseball Training Aids for Pitchers: Why They Work

Baseball Training Aids

By far the most important position in baseball is that of a pitcher. Without solid pitching, a team has little if any chance at winning a ballgame, let alone a tournament or playoffs.

Yet pitching is one of the most difficult positions in all of baseball to master. There are just so many specifics that a pitcher has to learn. And the best pitchers around master these basics to the point that they become like second nature.

Several companies have released baseball training aids for pitchers to ensure that you learn to pitch with the proper form and technique. These pitching aids help pitchers of all different ages and skill levels improve their overall performance on the mound. They lay out the groundwork that can make you a better overall baseball player.

Though there are over a dozen unique pitching aids on the market today, there are a few that are more effective than all others. One of these is the Pitcher’s Power Drive training aid. The specifics of this training aid along with how and why it works is discussed below.

What is the Pitcher’s Power Drive?

The Pitcher’s Power Drive is a unique baseball training aid that makes sure pitchers are performing the correct backside initiation when throwing the ball.

The aid teaches players of all skill levels to lead with the hips from the knee lift. This helps them stay over their back foot and thus maximum the power and drive behind the throw. The training aid further makes sure that the baseball is released at the proper point in the delivery of the pitch.

Coaches and baseball players of all levels use the Pitcher’s Power Drive. Top college teams and Major League Baseball clubs both utilize such pitching aids to much success.

The Pitcher’s Power Drive even features auditory and kinetic feedback. This helps a pitcher hear and feel when a pitch is delivered in the proper manner. If it’s not, they will know! The training aid operates via gravitational force as well as the natural momentum and weight transfer of the pitcher.

In addition to improving technique, this particular pitching aid maximizes the way that a pitcher uses their lower body muscles. Many beginning pitchers fall into the habit of pitching primarily with their upper body. The Pitcher’s Power Drive aims to turn this around and get pitchers to utilize both their lower and upper bodies as one.

Why Do Pitching Training Aids Work?

Pitching training aids work because they force pitchers to use the right techniques on the mound.

If a pitcher using the training aid uses improper technique, the training aid gives them an audial or kinetic note of this mishap. This then teaches them to pitch slightly different to deliver maximum power while using their lower body strength and the correct pitching technique.

Pitching aids have been shown to increase throwing speed between 4 and 10 miles per hour. Accuracy also commonly improves as positional changes can help the ball go where you want it to go.

Baseball Training Aids for Pitchers

One of the best things about a pitching training aid is that you can use it on your own time. Grab a bucket of balls or a friend to play catcher and the aid can help you hone your throwing technique without the help of a coach.

Of course, a coach would be of additional help, but such training aids were made to ensure that pitchers practicing at home were practicing perfect. Because every pitcher knows that perfect practice makes perfect when it comes to baseball.



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