Baseball Pitching Tips for Coaches

3 Focus Areas for Pitching Coaches

Baseball coaches, especially those coaching young athletes, play a very important role in the development of their players. Teaching players the fundamentals and proper mechanics is the key to creating a winning baseball team and setting players up for future success in the sport.

One of the most important positions for baseball coaches to focus on is that of pitcher. The pitcher is one of the most important players in the entire game and coaches need to put a lot of emphasis on ensuring that pitchers are doing everything right.

Unfortunately, nearly everyone out there is overly eager to give his or her own “advice” about pitching. This is why it essential for you as a coach to weed through the good advice and the bad advice and only give the player what they need to hear.

Below are two of the most important areas for coaches of all levels to focus on in their pitchers. These will help your pitcher become a better overall player and greatly increase your team’s chances for success.

Pitching Mechanics

Out of all the positions in baseball, proper mechanics are most important for the player on the mound.

Spend plenty of time going over the basics of pitch mechanics and technique with each of your pitchers. Video is a great way to provide feedback that players can actually see with their own two eyes. Use slow motion to show where mistakes in form are made and where improvements can be had.

A number of baseball training aids are also available. A good portion of these are adapted to pitching and will isolate certain techniques in your pitchers so that their overall pitching game improves. Much like working on a golf swing, these pitching aids work on single components of a pitch one at a time. You and your pitcher are required to put all of the individual pieces together at a later time.

Conditioning for Pitchers

Taking great care of your pitchers is essential for any baseball coach to do. You need to find pitching specific exercises for them to do while they workout. At one time, you want them to develop the muscles in their arms and the rest of their body, but you want them to do it without stressing their throwing arm or shoulder. Staying in great shape is essential to a baseball pitcher’s long-term success.

Mental Side of Pitching

Pitching is also a mental game and it is very important for coaches to understand this about the position.

Players that are pitchers must be mentally tough. This means they need to have the ability to analyze their performance in each game so that they can find the areas where they need improvement. It also means staying calm and positive throughout the game even when things aren’t going quite as planned.

Coaches that are positive and supportive, even when a run or two is given up, encourage pitchers to do their best. Dedicate yourself to helping your pitcher become better at their position rather than treating them as a tool to a winning season.

Baseball Pitching Tips for Coaches

Learning to become a great pitcher is tough enough as it is. Why make it even more difficult by being a less than stellar coach?

Use the tips discussed above to become a better pitching coach. Focus on mechanics, conditioning, and mental toughness for a solid all-around package. Only when all of these characteristics are combined together is a pitcher truly at the top of their game.



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