Another Look at the Big Ten’s Numbers

When the top 4 teams in your conference finish 0-4 against other power 5 conference opponents it’s bad. When the next two in your conference push the record of the top 7 teams in your conference to 2-6 against power 5 OOC opponents then that’s worse. Such is the case with the Big Ten.

(You can read about the top 4 teams in the Big Ten here:)

As has already been stated, the Big Ten’s elite finished 0-4 against OOC power 5 opponents. When you add in Nebraska, Iowa, and Maryland the record becomes 2-6. Thank god for wins over Pitt and Syracuse. In case anyone is counting, neither has a winning record or finished in the top half of their conference.

The extra losses are to West Virginia (respectable) and Iowa State (0 wins in the Big 12).

How do these numbers compare to other power 5 conferences? About like one would expect… Not good!

Here are the records of the other power 5 conferences’ top 7 teams:

ACC 6-3
Big12 3-4
Pac12 6-2
SEC 4-2

With the exception of the Big 12 all other conferences have strong resumes when compared to the Big 10. The Big 12 should be commended however because they played the toughest OOC schedule of any of the power 5 conferences.  They played games against conference contenders like Alabama, Auburn, Minnesota, UCLA and FSU.

So taking the top half of the Big Ten (7 teams) doesn’t make the conference look much better than looking at the top 4.



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