AdvoCare Spark Review

AdvoCare Spark

Gone are the days of relying on giant, sugar-laden energy drinks to make it through the big game. Sure, that massive dose of caffeine and sugar rush will have you pumped up, but when those jitters kick in as you adjust your aim or the dreaded crash begins in the final quarter, your performance suffers. We here at Zaynez have searched high and low for better alternatives for physical and mental performance, and we’re proud to share our best find to date.

AdvoCare Spark ( is the athlete’s energy drink. Not only does it give that instant and long-lasting burst of energy you need to win, but it also nourishes your body and mind with 21 key vitamins, minerals and nutrients — and it’s sugar-free! The ingredients are scientifically formulated to enhance mental clarity while providing rapid and sustained energy using your own body’s metabolic process.

How Does It Work

Spark uses the science of the body’s natural energy production. When you eat food, your body converts the energy using, among other nutrients, the B vitamins. B1, also known as Thiamine, is used to form usable energy from carbohydrates. B3, or Niacin, helps convert glucose and fat. Together with B12 and B5, which help metabolize carbohydrates and proteins, Spark’s B-complex gives you energy from the molecular level up.

This natural regulation of energy can be thrown off with the quickly metabolized sugar found in most energy drinks. While the spike of blood sugar can induce heightened energy, it’s the rapid drop in blood sugar that leads to the dreaded, headache-inducing crash. This is medically known as “postprandial hypoglycemia” and can include side effects like difficulty concentrating, fatigue, anxiety and light-headedness. In other words, sugar can be a real enemy to performance and endurance.

To provide that quick boost of energy, Spark contains 120mg of caffeine, about the amount in an 8-ounce cup of coffee. Caffeine stimulates the central nervous system (for mental alertness) and increases the rate of the metabolic process. That means the B-complex vitamins are put in hyper-drive helping the body to release its own natural energy from the food you eat. Since Spark is formulated to provide hours of energy, we’ve found we are able to significantly cut down caffeine intake. There’s no more roller coaster of energy peaks and valleys requiring multiple highly-caffeinated energy drinks a day.

How Does It Taste

Okay, we know this all sounds great, but there’s nothing worse than forcing yourself to guzzle down a terrible tasting drink. Luckily, there’s not a flavor we haven’t liked. Spark comes in 8 varieties: Watermelon, Mango Strawberry, Pink Lemonade, Mandarin Orange, Fruit Punch, Grape, Cherry and Citrus. Don’t let the no-sugar label fool you. These are tasty and have no trace of bitterness or weird metallic aftertaste like other energy products out there.

Now that you know a little about the science behind AdvoCare’s Spark, let’s look at it in action.

User Reviews

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Jason D. of noticed the pure, smooth energy:

I was never really sold on energy drinks and hesitant to try Spark at first, but I can tell you that after being a coffee drinker, Spark is a thousand times better tasting and better for you … For me, it’s been amazing and produces awesome results in conjunction with a solid diet.

The bottom line is that spark is way better for me than coffee and it doesn’t leave me feeling jittery like coffee does.  Having a balanced diet is absolutely essential and I don’t want to down play that, but Spark has helped me get through tough days when my energy levels were dragging.

Mitch M. of also spoke to the difference in the quality of energy:

Feeling tired or drowsy is not acceptable for me anymore. When I sit down to get to work, I GET TO WORK. One of the best thinks about AdvoCare Spark is that it actually tastes amazing! There’s no tartness or surprising flavors as soon as it hits your tongue.

Along with its great taste, AdvoCare Spark is loaded with all kinds of vitamins, nutrients and amino acids that support basic health functions and muscle repair. You can count on having a rock-solid clear focus for hours once this gets in your system.

I’ve never been a big fan of any sort of energy drinks, and for those of you who know me, I’m not a big fan of stimulants either. For some reason my body tends to react in a negative way and I feel worse instead of more energized. AdvoCare Spark did exactly the opposite! Not only was I feeling amazing with tons of energy to burn, I was not jittery and wired whatsoever. I had perfect, clear focus.

When working with deadlines like I do on a regular basis, I can’t afford NOT to be at the top of my game, and AdvoCare Spark gives me the edge and clarity I need.

Shane D. of noted the way Spark encourages hydration, an essential component to peak fitness levels:

In a head to head comparison I believe the Advocare Spark Energy Drink is the superior choice on just about all levels.

It provides a more moderate dosage of caffeine and B-Vitamins and also contains a much broader spectrum of vitamins and minerals. One of the biggest pluses is that the powder is mixed with 8-12 ounces of water instead of being a condensed shot. This factor rarely gets discussed but it’s very important.

We’ve talked about how taking frequent doses of the condensed shots without adequate hydration may lead to the kidneys and liver working extra hard to metabolize the caffeine and B-Vitamins.

In sort of a boomer-rang effect the burden of the internal organs could be sapping you of energy that the caffeine worked to provide in the first place. While this won’t necessarily cause a “crash,” it could lead you to just needing it more often.


AdvoCare Spark ( is available in powdered form in convenient, premeasured packets. No measuring, no mistakes. Just add one packet to a bottle of water. These are great for throwing in a backpack or gym bag. AdvoCare also manufactures canisters containing 42 servings that are nice for leaving on the kitchen counter or in your home gym.

Whatever packaging and flavor you prefer, it is important to keep hydrated and to eat a well-balanced diet. Mental and physical performance rely on nourishing your body with the right types of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Spark’s nutrition complex helps by making sure you’re getting the key ingredients for natural energy production, but its maximum effect comes from eating well and training consistently. Don’t forget about the importance of good sleep, too. Aim to get at least 7 or more hours per night.

After much trial and error as athletes ourselves, Zaynez is proud to recommend this product whole-heartedly as a safe, nutritious supplement for athletes of all ages.



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