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AdvoCare Products Reviewed

There are a lot of nutritional supplement companies that come and go. They latch on to the market with huge promises, usually coming in on the heels of a trending ingredient, and disappear when the follow-through doesn’t live up to the public’s expectations. We here at Zaynez have caught onto that cyclical trend and, after years of experimenting, have finally found the athlete’s supplement line that’s backed by science, professors, industry experts and pro sports players everywhere.

AdvoCare is different

AdvoCare has been around for 21 years. There’s no fad or trend that allows a company to grow consistently for over two decades. Word-of-mouth referrals and millions of happy repeat customers have kept AdvoCare at the top of the list. This isn’t easy to achieve. The consumer public is smart. They know what works and what doesn’t, and they’re quick to share their experiences with the world. So what is it about AdvoCare that allows it to acquire so many loyal fans?

Different Team

The teamwork begins in the labs and boardrooms. AdvoCare boasts an impressive variety of field experts serving on its Sci/Med Board and its Sports Advisory Council.

The Sci/Med Board includes William J. Kraemer, who has served as a Professor of Kinesiology, Physiology and Neurobiology and as a Professor of Medicine at the University of Connecticut. Also providing guidance is Sidney Stohns, a Professor of Pharmacology and Toxicology and a Dean Emeritus with the School of Pharmacy and Health Professions at Creighton University Medical Center.

The Sports Advisory Council is served by professors of Exercise and Sports Sciences, strength and conditioning coaches, and consultants to the Olympics, professional baseball and more.

Different Research

AdvoCare is constantly in research mode. They’re not waiting for the next fad. They’re finding out what ingredients work and how they can be combined to maximize their benefits.

“We don’t throw a dash of some ingredient so insignificant that it can’t yield any desirable or lasting effects,” said Robert Hackman Ph.D., the Chair of the Science and Medical Advisory Board. “If something is listed on our labels, rest assured it’s enough quantity to actually have a positive effect on you.”

Dr. Mark Miller, Vice President of Research & Development, echoed similar sentiments:

“We search the world for the most recent, most significant findings and use this data collectively to formulate products that are second to none.”

Different Quality

A lot of supplement companies scrape by on the bare minimum in standards. Doing things the right way takes a significant investment, and it can take years to see a return. After 21 years of doing it the right way, AdvoCare has cemented its quality and control standards.

Manufacturing is done within the guidelines of the Good Manufacturing Practice enforced by the FDA. The ingredients are carefully researched and sourced for the highest quality and purity. Only reputable suppliers are allowed, even if it cuts into the company’s bottom line. Each batch of ingredients is thoroughly tested to ensure consistent safety and potency. All of these practices are monitored by the Board and Council.

Different Endorsement Strategy

AdvoCare has a vast array of professional athletes who use and endorse their products, but most of them are unpaid.

Even New Orleans Saints Quarterback Drew Brees, now the Official National Spokesperson, endorses the product. The pros don’t just do that for any old brand that comes along. They are willing to do it because they believe in the products. They use them, and they know it works.

“I would definitely say that AdvoCare has contributed to my success, certainly the products that I’ve taken and for the length of time I’ve taken them, and this has been since my second year in the NFL in 2002. It’s something that I trust, and I truly see a result” – Drew Brees

Here are just a few more of AdvoCare’s hundreds of endorsers: Sam Bradford (St. Louis Quarterback); Richard Petty (7-time Daytona 500 winner); Steven Holcomb (Gold Medalist Bobsled Driver); Mike “The Wolverine Rio (MMA fighter); Daniel Schlereth (Pittsburgh Pitcher); Chad A. Martin (Natural Bodybuilding Champion).

Respect in the Professional Sports Industry

AdvoCare is committed to helping athletes improve their fitness and health through the finest nutritional supplements. But what good is the product if it’s not reliable, trusted and respected in the athletic world?

Enter Informed-Choice, a specialist in testing and certifying products as banned substance-free. With this partnership, AdvoCare has become one of the only product lines allowed in NFL locker rooms. Informed-Choice ensures AdvoCare meets the incredibly high standards for a vast array of sports organizations, including the Olympic Standards Committee, NCAA, NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, MLS, PGA, NASCAR and more.

Different Values

Most revolutionary companies required a strong leader to get started. For AdvoCare, it was founder Charles Ragus. He established the 10 guiding principles of the company that keep it on the straight and narrow. Some of these include:

  • Honor God through our faith, family and friends.
  • Respect and strengthen the family.
  • Believe in the dignity and the importance of the individual.
  • Believe that honor, integrity and principles are the foundation of a great life and company.
  • Build self-esteem by promoting a sense of personal worth among all people.
  • Continually expand our market by providing the most effective and highest quality products and service available.

As part of this value system, AdvoCare donates hundreds of thousands of dollars to worthy charitable causes, including Captain Hope’s Kids, women’s shelters, and food banks. In 2013, in celebration of their 20thanniversary, AdvoCare donated over $420,000 to food banks nationwide.

Featured Products

We’ve outlined below some of the line’s most popular products. These are all products our team here at Zaynez has personally tried and from which we’ve seen excellent results.


AdvoCare Spark is the athlete’s energy drink. This sugar-free formula was developed to help provide the quick boost of energy you need now with the steady, long-lasting energy you need for later. The AdvoCare research team pinpointed the key nutrients needed for the body to metabolize energy, resulting in this carefully measured balance of 21 vitamins and minerals. This is an especially great alternative for young athletes whose growing bodies need the support of key nutrients rather than sugar-laden, gas station energy drinks.


One of the most important factors for peak physical performance on game day is adequate hydration. As other brands have advertised, sweat does indeed cause a loss of essential electrolytes. But there is so much more involved in preventing dehydration. That’s why Rehydrate contains not only a perfect ratio of electrolytes, but also essential minerals, antioxidants, and specially formulated carbohydrate energy sources. As with most AdvoCare products, this is another offering that takes into account the whole body, not just one narrowly focused area.

24-Day Challenge

This is yet another holistic approach to health and fitness and the best-selling AdvoCare product. The 24-Day Challenge is a complete kit that includes everything you need for a two-phase jumpstart to help you reach your new lifestyle goals, be it weight loss, wellness, energy or overall body composition.

In Phase 1 (The Cleanse Phase), you’ll spend the first 10 days helping the body rid itself of toxins while preparing to better absorb nutrients. Phase 2 is a two week Max Phase, in which the body readjusts to a new way of living through metabolic boosts, nutritional meal replacements, and energy-boosting drinks. All of this is accomplished with the help of a guided nutritional eating plan that can teach you how to make the lifelong changes necessary to be truly successful.


In today’s world of tempting and convenient processed foods, it can be difficult to ensure a well-rounded diet that provides all of the essential nutrients. Being deficient in just one vitamin or mineral can throw off the body’s internal balance and result in noticeable side effects. For athletes who routinely engage in heavy exercise and push their bodies to the limit, covering these holes in their diet is all the more important.

AdvoCare’s CorePlex multivitamin is a great source of 36 vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. The AdvoCare team specially designed this formula to meet the daily amount recommended by the Food and Nutrition Board of the National Academy of Sciences. There are no fillers or gimmicky ingredients. It has everything you need and nothing you don’t.

User Experiences

Reviews mean everything. After all, the proof is in the pudding. So what does the average person who tries AdvoCare think? Below are just a few of the many hundreds of glowing reviews we’ve found.

Dr. Bill – “I’m going back for more”

Lucky me as we resting at Three Forks in the Olympic National Park and facing a long, long afternoon going up 2,000 feet over 4 miles to Deer Park, when, what’s this in my pack? An envelope of Spark which I poured into my water bottle and took off up the 19 switchbacks. We stopped every thirty minutes to sip and after two stops I found I was quickly leaving my partner behind and the more I drank, the more powerful I felt. In 40 years of backpacking, thousands of miles and lots of summits, nothing ever gave me such a smooth boost. I’m going back for more.

Coach Jill – “Bottom line, it is my opinion that Advocare is an excellent product”

Recently, after debating with myself for months, I started the AdvoCare 24 day challenge. I must say I am impressed with my results.

First let me explain myself to those of you who do not know me and are reading this for entertainment.

I am 44 year old divorced mother with three grown daughters. I have been crossfitting since 2009 and finding myself again after being married for 28 years. I am very set in my ways and never believed in taken vitamins or any other form of health product. I always prided myself as an all natural athlete.

Well I must say that I am hooked. The first week I had more energy than I had in years and felt as if I could do anything. Week two I was a little tired, but I was working day and night and sleep was in the way of my life and I did not have time for it. By week three and a good long nap. I am noticing changes in my muscle tone, my workouts are better and my lifting is getting stronger. I have always suffered from joint pain and soreness, now it is almost gone. The meal replacement shakes are so good. Now I know why the ones I was drinking were so cheap, they are a watered down product compared to the ones AdvoCare has. Even some of the gym members have mentioned a difference in my body. I have not even wanted mindless snacks, and I am enjoying the easy routine I follow every day.

Going into the final days of the challenge, it saddens me that it will be over.

Emily and Yasar W. – “AdvoCare is amazing!”

The scale was my impetus.  240 lbs – it practically shrieked at me!  I had never in my adult life been so morbidly obese or so disgusted with myself.  After 2 months of strict no-dairy-no-grains-no-processed-foods-no-energy-no-fun dieting, I couldn’t believe this was the result.  Resigned, I started Googling bariatric surgery.  Something I swore I’d never, ever do.  Toggling back and forth between our health insurance website, Google searches for weight loss surgery options and offices, and Facebook…wait, something caught my attention there.  [My friend] was mentioning AdvoCare, AGAIN.  (sigh), well, what do I have to lose?

I’ll tell you what I had to lose!  48 lbs in almost 5 months (and I’m over halfway to my goal) and TEN jeans sizes so far.  My husband had 28 lbs to lose and is looking awesome – and he’s lost his perpetual sluggishness.  Our son Andrew lost the “Tuesday Morning Bugs,” those little sicknesses that he’d pick up at church on Sunday and would rear their ugly heads every Tuesday almost without fail (AdvoCare’s probiotics ROCK!).  Our whole family has lost that invisible cloak of despair.  We are Gigantic Losers, and loving every minute!

Nikea J. – “I am so thankful [for] these truly amazing products”

I began taking AdvoCare products in August 2010.  After my first year of marriage, I came to the brutal realization that I had gained 17 lbs.  I slowly began growing out of my clothes and scrubs and became disgusted with myself every time I looked in the mirror or saw a picture of me.  I tried several diets that made me miserable, were difficult to stick with, and did not work.  I exercised off and on, but never got the results that I was hoping for.  I could not believe that I got to a point that I could be so uncomfortable with my body and weight, that it took a huge emotional toll, as well.

This all changed the day I called my mom to cry about it on the phone.  She told me that I should try a 24-day challenge.  I was reluctant, but when she personally delivered it to my front door, I was left with no choice.  I lost 8 lbs. in the first 24 days.  This caught my attention!  I continued on the challenge and have now lost 30 lbs. and 3 pants sizes!  I am so thankful that these truly amazing products have helped me to get the weight-loss results I have been looking for and become healthier along the way.   My favorite products are Spark, MNS Max C, Thermoplus, Catalyst, and Rehydrate.

Zaynez’s Offical Endorsement

We strive to bring you the most scientifically accurate, up-to-date knowledge in all things sports. The fact of the matter is that excellent nutrition is one of the easiest ways to help the body adapt to and recover from the strenuous nature of all kinds of physical exercise. We like AdvoCare’s product line the best because we trust the company’s methods of research, panel of experts and proven results.

Everything that goes into the body is going to interact at a molecular level. That’s why purity, quality and potency are important factors to consider when using nutrient supplements. AdvoCare’s panels of advisors have made sure this standard is uniform across the entire brand. The endorsement from such a large number of professional and collegiate sports organizations and athletes tells us that AdvoCare products meet an especially high standard — and that it actually works.

Ultimately, as with any product, the true value comes down to personal experience. We encourage you to try them yourself. Know that the supplements are working at a microscopic level to enhance the body’s performance, and see how you feel.

We’ve seen a difference. We know you will, too.



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