AdvoCare Rehydrate Review

AdvoCare Rehydrate Sports Drink Review

We’re on a mission to help change the way athletes nourish their bodies. Hydration is one of the most essential aspects of a healthy body for powerful performance and lasting energy. Water alone is great, but water with nutrients, electrolytes, minerals, antioxidants and a low-glycemic source of energy? That’s a combo you can’t beat.

There are some really well-known products available that are famous for sports rehydration, but we’ve found that AdvoCare Rehydrate ( is the most complete, multi-tasking source for hydration and replenishment. It helps in four major ways by:

• Rehydrating your body faster than plain water or other traditional sports drinks

• Preventing and reducing muscle cramping

• Helping your body to use energy more efficiently

• Supporting muscle repair and strengthening

Here are the ingredients that put AdvoCare Rehydrate at the top of our list:


Electrolytes are the substances in the body that conduct electricity. What good is energy if it can’t get where it needs to go? Electrolytes must be properly balanced in order for cells and organs to function properly. This is especially important during heavy exercise, when sodium and potassium are lost through sweat. While most rehydration drinks make an attempt to replace these essential elements, they often get the proportions wrong with a 4:1 ratio, which can lead to imbalance.

AdvoCare Rehydrate is scientifically formulated with the 1:1 ratio of sodium and potassium that is ideal for proper energy conduction and effective tissue rehydration.

Essential Minerals for Muscles

Ever had one of those painful Charley Horse leg cramps? These and other muscle pains are often caused by low levels of magnesium and calcium. Rehydrate contains these elements as well as its patented ingredient Sustamine. Sustamine is a combination of two amino acids, L-alaline and L-glutamine, which promotes the rebuilding and maintenance of muscle and optimizes energy production on a cellular level.


Free radicals occur naturally in the body and actually help regulate cellular processes. However, high concentration of free radicals is thought to damage cells. Although the body naturally produces some antioxidants to disable excess free radicals, it does require a healthy diet to obtain other forms of antioxidants. AdvoCare Rehydrate contains beta-carotene and Vitamin C to help prevent cellular damage that can be brought on by intense exercise.

Not Just Any Old Carb

Your typical rehydration sports drink is loaded with sugar in the forms of sucrose and glucose. While they help give you a quick, sugary jumpstart, the drop in blood sugar that follows can lead to drowsiness, lack of concentration and mental clarity, and muscle fatigue. To combat this effect, AdvoCare Rehydrate uses a low-glycemic carbohydrate profile made of substrates, glucose polymers and fructose. This is a fancy way of saying it provides you the lasting source of energy you need with no sugar crash. Despite all this goodness, the drink only contains 40 calories and 6 grams of sugar. This allows you to get your foundational food energy from protein sources.

And a Dash of Chromium for Good Measure

Last but certainly not least is the essential trace mineral chromium. Its addition helps the muscles and major organs metabolize the carbohydrate complex. Unfortunately, chromium can be hard to get naturally in our diets because it tends to exist in such small quantities. However, it is thought to be an essential mineral for regulation of insulin and efficient energy production.

But there’s still the million dollar question: Does it work? These folks agree with us that it does:

[scrapeazon asin=B008VJTM2E height =”400″] chose AdvoCare Rehydrate as its product of the month:

I personally have been amazed at the effect that this product has on my workouts and also how I feel when I have long days outside. Looking at the ingredients of other sports and rehydrate drinks, this product blows the competition away on the comparison chart

Jeff O., a participant in the International Six Days Enduro off-track motorcycle race, also noticed a substantial difference:

As long as I have been racing I have had a routine for myself getting hydrated it consisted of starting Wednesday drinking water and Thursday and Friday Gatorade with a little water and then Saturday back to water. This has worked for me but every now and then towards the end of the race I would begin to cramp up. …This is the only product that I have had where I can drink during the race without upsetting my stomach or just tasting completely nasty. I loaded prior to the race just like I do at home but using the AdvoCare instead of Gatorade. I also set two pre-made drinks out at different checks throughout the Six Days race this proved to be the ticket. At the end of every day I would start pounding a mix of water and AdvoCare’s Rehydrate. During the entire Six Days Race I never had a cramp or got tired in the middle of a Special Test when time mattered, even the final moto I pulled the holeshot and stayed strong throughout the final moto. I will personally stand behind this product and recommend this product to anyone looking for an edge in there racing it will bring you home a GOLD Metal!! After riding 160-170 miles every day which was 7.5 hours for six days straight and not to cramp even once this product sold me

Like AdvoCare’s popular and nutritious energy drink Spark, Rehydrate is available in convenient pre-measured pouches or a 56-serving canister. You just have to add 8 or more ounces of water in a glass or bottle. It comes in two flavors: Mango Pineapple and Fruit Punch. AdvoCare recently reformulated the entire product to improve the solubility of the mix. It’s a lot smoother and easier to mix now. You can even forego a spoon and just give it a good shake.

It’s important to use this product before, during and after physical activity, just like you would with water. The main goal is to prevent dehydration. Once you’re dehydrated, you’re out of the game. Also make sure to eat a well-rounded diet. While Rehydrate provides a great complex of nutrients, it should not be used in place of healthy eating.

Because this formula helps with so many other elements of peak performance, Zaynez highly recommends AdvoCare Rehydrate as the clearly superior rehydration sports drink.



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