Advocare Omegaplex Fish Oil Review

Why we (and Dr. Oz) recommend AdvoCare’s OmegaPlex Fish Oil

AdvoCare OmegaPlex is different. We noticed it. noticed it. Even Dr. Oz noticed it.

After years of recommending omega-3 supplements, Dr. Oz came to realize that not all brands are created equal. was recently featured on The Dr. Oz Show for their study reviewing 24 brands of omega-3 supplements. 30% failed the lab’s standards because they either contained less omega-3s than the label listed or the contents had actually gone rancid within their expiration date.

One of the final two contenders for and Dr. Oz? You guessed it: AdvoCare’s OmegaPlex.

How can omega-3s help me as an athlete?

You’ve probably heard of omega-3 fatty acids playing a role in heart health, but did you know they’re also great for athletes? Omega-3s actually provide a great number of short- and long-term benefits:

• Recover Faster

• Reduce muscle soreness

• Burn fat while reducing muscle loss

• Support proper metabolism

• Boost the immune system

• Help in nutrient transportation

• And, of course, promote overall heart health

Dr. Jeff S. Volek, a specialist in kinesiology and nutrition, notes that the omega-3s found in fish oil capsules like AdvoCare’s OmegaPlex help combat inflammation. This is the same inflammation of the muscles that can lead to soreness, slowed tissue repair and sometimes even tissue damage.

High levels of inflammation can counteract some of exercise’s positive effects on insulin sensitivity and other metabolic benefits. If inflammation remains elevated after exercise, this can negatively impact muscle soreness, tissue repair and other aspects of recovery.

Further, he states the importance of Omega-3s during off-season and other training breaks:

Emerging work is even showing that omega-3s may regulate muscle growth and help during extended periods of rest by slowing the loss in both muscle and bone. This could apply for athletes during breaks in training or layoffs due to injury where muscle loss could be significant.

In addition, omega-3s serve a critical role in counteracting excess omega-6 fatty acids. Though omega-6s are also considered an “essential” fatty acid because they help us construct hormones, they are usually far too prevalent in Western diets. They are found in the refined vegetable oils that are in snack foods, cookies, desserts, fast food, fried food and other processed food. Too many omega-6s can lead to inflammation, blood clotting, and disrupted cellular growth. When in balance, omega-6s and omega-3s work together in perfect harmony.

Sounds good! But why do I need a supplement?

Omega-3s cannot be made in the body, so we must seek them in our diets and supplements. The American Heart Association recommends we eat two servings of fatty fish per week in order to help reduce triglycerides (the fat in blood linked with heart disease and diabetes), regulate heart rhythm, and even decrease the risk of heart attack. In fact, cold water fish is one of the only naturally occurring food sources that contain these all-important Omega-3s.

The problem is most of us aren’t eating salmon, sardines, cod or flaxseed often enough to get the recommended amount. Further troubling the situation is the concern that mercury and other contaminants are found in many fish. That’s why pure supplements are so essential.

What makes OmegaPlex Fish Oil better?

Make no mistake! Not all omega-3 capsules are created equally. Some brands will tell you you’re taking 500 mg of “fish oil,” but how much of that is the specific omega-3 fatty acid you’re seeking? You can end up choking down two or three horse pills of fish oil without even meeting the dose of fatty acids you need. Furthermore, omega-3s can be broken down in to EPA and DHA chains of acids. Some brands only contain one of these, while others have an imbalance of the two.

Each capsule of AdvoCare OmegaPlex contains 500mg of omega-3s with a 3:2 ratio of EPA and DHA. This is the “magic” formula scientifically developed for maximum benefit. AdvoCare went a step further by adding vitamin E, which plays a crucial role in preserving freshness. Without vitamin E, the fatty acids can turn rancid as soon as they’re exposed to oxygen. Of course, vitamin E also has its own benefits as an antioxidant, immune system supporter, and booster of cardiovascular health.

Still On the Fence About OmegaPlex

Here are some more thoughts on how AdvoCare’s OmegaPlex supplement can help you achieve a fitter, healthier body.

Dr. Jeff Leighton, an esteemed pharmacologist, wrote on the use of omega-3s in athletics:

Endurance sports induce inflammation and adrenal stress. Inflammation factors such as CRP, IL-6, TNF-alpha all go up dramatically. These factors actually degrade muscle mass and affect the health of organs and tissues. High dose omega 3 oils decrease these inflammatory factors, and enhance protein utilization and affect recovery times.

The website Emax Health tracked down some great studies on omega-3’s link to weight management, which can be incredibly important in reaching peak athleticism:

Overall, the obese participants had omega-3 levels that were nearly 1 percent lower than those in the healthy-weight volunteers, 4.53 percent versus 5.25 percent. When the study participants were classified according to their omega-3 levels alone, the researchers noted that higher omega-3 levels were associated with a smaller waist, lower hip size, and a healthier BMI.

“Exactly how omega-3 fatty acids work to aid weight loss is not certain, although some experts suggest they increase fat burning (thermogenesis) or that they increase a feeling of fullness by impacting the levels of hormones associated with hunger and appetite, including ghrelin and leptin.

Danielle wrote about her experience with AdvoCare on her blog Butler Party of 3:

I went for my yearly exam and asked my doctor about taking my OmegaPlex with iron + OmegaPlex combo. She was extremely supportive and said AdvoCare’s were even better than most prenatal vitamins because they had higher %s of each vitamin and mineral. For example, 2 OmegaPlex capsules contain 450 mg of DHA, whereas the sample prenatal she gave me awhile back only contain 230 mg of DHA.

Our Official, Research-Backed Recommendation

We are very careful when we put our name to a product. Our recommendations are not something we take lightly. We look at the latest scientific studies, and we always try the products ourselves first. We’ve been very happy with the quality and results of AdvoCare OmegaPlex, so we’re proud to point you toward yet another beneficial product to help you up your game.


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