6 Fundraising Ideas for Youth Sports

Ideas for Team Fundraisers

Teams often use fundraisers to raise money. Fundraising activities can also be used to solve various problems. You may need to reinforce the confidence of your team. You may want to get them involved in the community. You may be looking for a way to show them how they can make a difference in the world.

Fundraisers are a fun way to solve all of these problems. They are an activity that allows your team to interact with the community. They help players feel accomplished. Fundraisers can encourage leadership. They can help players to realize a position of authority can be positive.

Car Wash

A car wash is a nice team-building fundraiser idea. Break your team off into groups. One group washes the cars. One group dries the cars. One group can be responsible for providing water, soap and sponges. Another group can be responsible for the finances.

Car washes are physically challenging and enjoyable. They can even be enjoyed by little children. Parents can participate in the car wash as well. This is a nice activity that can help players to exercise their independence. They will use their skills to accomplish the individual and group goals. It is also a nice way to get to know the family members of the players.


You can raise money by selling tickets to a raffle. You can give away a portion of the money earned through ticket sales. You can use items donated to the raffle by local area businesses. You can also give away gift cards to local restaurants as prizes.


You can raise money by selling meals. The meals can consist of meat, side dishes, deserts and drinks. Price each meal reasonably. You can have the team suggest prices for everything. If the fundraiser is for children, then you will need parental supervision. You can still have the children participate. They can serve drinks and desserts. Older children can help handle the money.

Baked Sale

Each team member can have their family donate homemade baked goods. Have the team wrap each baked good individually using plastic wrap. They can also label the goods for individual sale.

Break the team off into groups. Each group should be responsible for a particular baked good. One group should be in charge of the money.

Candy Sale

Candy sales can be performed in a variety of ways. You can find a company that will provide the candy for you to sell. A portion of the proceeds will go back to the company. The rest of it goes towards your team. You can also buy candy bars for wholesale and sell them at retail value.

You can have players go door-to-door selling candy. Make sure this is permissible by law. Some family members may buy candy. Parents may take the candy order sheet to work and sell candy for the child.


Hold an auction for the community. Have people bid on activities that your team can perform for them. Someone may bid $50 to have the team rake their lawn. Someone else may bid $20 to have a few team members babysit for them. Local businesses may be willing to donate their services or items to be auctioned off.

Fundraising isn’t just for helping the team to raise money. It helps your players to build confidence. It teaches them about leadership. It helps teach people to follow directions. It can help them learn to follow directions or a plan of action. These are all important to the overall performance of a team. It also helps players individually.



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