4 Agility Cone Drills To Get Your Heart Pumping

Agility Cone Drills

Agility cone drills are a brilliant addition for any workout regimen. Agility cone drills strengthen your speed and footwork, which is important for every style of athlete. Strengthening the calves and thighs also strengthens your core with time.

Agility cone drills are an exercise that applies to every age group. No matter what your strength is right now, agility cone drills can help you increase your balance. Move at a speed that’s comfortable for you when first staring agility cone drills. Because there is footwork involved, you don’t want to move too fast or you run the risk of falling. Even the most slight twist of the ankle can be painful and take days to heal, so it’s best to start slow and gradually increase the level of difficulty for agility cone drills.

Agility Cone Drill For Beginners

The most basic form of an agility cone drill displays speed and general athletic ability for coaches and athletes. This involves three cones set up in a straight line with five yards between them. Starting at one end, the athlete should run to the second cone and cross it like a figure 8 shape to the third cone. Repeat this exercise for 20 seconds. The goal isn’t to go as fast as you can, but to have good form as you perform the drill while gaining speed.

Agility Cone Drills For Intermediate

After an athlete has mastered the above, it is time to kick things up a notch and try agility cone drills that are more difficult. The 90-degree round turn agility drill involves three cones set up at a 90-degree angle with five yards between each cone. Standing parallel to the first cone, the athlete should move sideways towards the second cone (turning point of the drill). When arriving at the second cone, the athlete should turn their body (now parallel to the second cone) and continue to the third cone.

Essentially the athlete is moving sideways bringing the right foot to meet the left. For increased difficulty, the athlete can criss-cross the feet, placing the right in front of the left. To make things even more difficult, this should be repeated in both directions, strengthening each leg and increasing balance and endurance.

Agility Cone Drills For Advanced

Agility cone drills for the advanced can be very interesting. It’s for this reason, agility cone drills are relevant in nearly every major sport’s training regimen. To increase the difficulty of any of the agility cone drills mentioned above, place cones 10 or 15 yards from each other instead of only five.

Backwards sprints are a great agility cone drill for basketball players, skiers, snowboarders and anyone who wants to improve balance and strengthen knees and legs. For those who require sudden leg moves in their sport, backwards sprints are an easy way to take your agility drills to the next level.

Start with only two cones set up at least 10 yards away from each other. Sprint backwards. When you reach the destination cone, repeat in the opposite direction to the original cone. Continue for 30-60 seconds.

Shuttle runs are also a favorite for those who get bored with their agility cone drills. Set up two cones with 10-25 yards between them. Start by sprinting from one cone to the other and back again. Next, add side jogging, followed by backwards sprints and hopping for five steps on one foot, then altering to five hops on the opposite foot. Moving from one cone to the other and back again consists of one repetition.

Agility cone drills are a simple yet effective way that builds lower and core body strength for any athlete. Make agility cone drills part of your regular workout routine and see your game improve when the pressure is on.



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