3 Fun Team Building Exercises

3 Team Building Activities

Teams in every sport must learn how to work together. They have to be organized and effective on the field. They have to execute their plays as instructed. They must listen, follow instructions and communicate with each other without problems. Team building activities can help to address these issues.

Effective team building activities will do the following:

  • Prepare your team for playing the sport
  • Prepare them to be able to handle pressure
  • Learn the importance of camaraderie
  • Learn how to work together
  • Learn how to handle mistakes

You can spend a little bit of time before or after practice doing the team building exercises mentioned below. Each one is something that can be used for players of any age. They can be easily adjusted to fit the individuality of the team.

Blindfolded Animals

Split your team into groups of three or four. Each team is to come up with a list of animals. The list should be numbered. The coach will then assign each group a number. The group will have to pick the corresponding animal from the numbered list.

Spread the players out on the field randomly. Give each player a blindfold. While blindfolded, the players will make the noise of the animal they were assigned. They must get together in their original groups by seeking out the players making the same sounds as them.

This activity teaches listening skills. Players need to learn to block out what’s not important and focus on what is important.

This is also applicable outside of sports. It is easy to get distracted or weighed down by what we think is important. This can lead to stress. Learning to filter out what is not important can help keep stress levels to a minimum both on and off the field.

Human Scavenger Hunt

Split your teams into groups of three or four. Hand each team a list of qualities of a person on their team. The teams have to come up with people to fit those qualities. They should fill in as many answers as possible during a preset time limit.

An example of a quality may be “Name two players that have brown hair.” Another example is “Name two players that have the same initials in their names.”

This will teach players to pay attention and remember things. It will also help them to be able to learn to accept correction from peers and their coach. Absorbing new information and making adjustments are two other things that this activity can teach.

Hospital Tag

This is a variation of tag. All players are “it.” Each player has three “lives.” When a player is tagged, they must put their hand in the spot they are tagged in. They can be tagged twice and still be in the game. The third time they are out.

This game can be enjoyable. Your team will certainly laugh at how silly they look run around trying to tag each other with no free hands. Enjoying each other’s company helps to build a strong rapport with other team mates.

This game also teaches creative problem solving. The solution to a problem may not readily be available. This leads to frustration and anger. This game teaches players to work around their limitations to solve a problem. This can limit negative emotions and reactions on and off the field.

Team building activities are designed to help get individual players working together as a team. The activities can have a positive impact on players. They can learn and develop new, important skills that they will need in order to be successful in life.



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