12 Agility Cone Drills

12 Agility Cone Drills

Agility cone drills are an excellent way to work on sprints, shuffles, backpedals, diagonal darts and other footwork.

Here are some of the top drills to work on agility, speed and directional movement. Don’t forget to check out the tips at the end!


Requires 4 Cones
Set the cones in a square pattern about 5 meters apart.

Start at the upper left corner and backpedals to the bottom left cone. Then sprint at a diagonal to the upper right cone, backpedal to the bottom right cone, and then sprint diagonally to the upper left cone. You can repeat this loop approximately 5 times for good agility practice.


Requires 3 Cones

Set the cones in a V-shaped (or right triangle) pattern with 5 yards between each cones.

Start at one corner and sprint on an angle to the left cone. Backpedal to the center and then sprint to the right cone. Repeat both sides 3 times for a total of 6 sprints in a set.


Requires 3 Cones

Set the cones in a T shape with 10 yards between the top left (cone B) and the top right (cone C). From the center mark of the cones B and C, place cone A 10 yards away.

Start at cone A and sprint to the center of the other two cones. Shuffle laterally to cone B and then reverse and shuffle to cone C. Shuffle back to the center point and then backpedal to the starting cone. Make sure to face the same direction throughout this drill.

90 Degree Round

Requires 3 Cones

Set the cones in an L shape with 10 yards between each cone.Begin at the cone that will allow you to run to the right and then backwards to the third cone.

Start on the inside of the first cone and sprint toward the corner cone. Round around the outside of the cone and turn 90 degrees to run straight toward the third cone.

90 Degree Cut

Requires 3 Cones
Set the cones in the same fashion as the 90 Degree Round. The only difference in the Cut version of this drill is the absence of rounding toward and around the second cone.

Instead, start on the outside of the first cone and run straight toward the second cone. When turning, make a sharp 90-degree cut.

Sprint toward the third cone to finish.Make sure to run the drill with cuts to the left and right by reversing the starting cone.

Staggered Shuttle

Requires 3 Cones 
Set the cones up in a line with 3 yards between the center cone and left cone and 5 yards between the center and right cone. This is an asymmetric drill.

Start from the center cone and sprint 3 yards to the left cone. Touch the ground and then sprint to the farthest cone. Touch the ground at the farthest cone before returning to the center cone.

Once this set is complete, reverse the order of the cones.Sprint 5 yards first, touch the ground then sprint to the other cone and touch the ground before returning to the center.

Complete Circles

Requires 3 Cones
Set the cones up in the shape of a triangle.Cone A is the starting cone. Place Cone B 5 yards directly in front of Cone A. Then place Cone C 5 yards to the right of Cone B.

Start at Cone and spring to the left side of Cone B. Circle clockwise around Cone B while facing the same direction. Then sprint laterally to Cone C and circle clockwise, still facing the same direction. Then backpedal diagonally to return to Cone A.

Up & Backs

Requires 4 Cones 
Set up the cones in a straight line at 5 yard intervals to mark 0, 5, 10 and 15 yards.

Stand alongside the cones to use them as distance markers. Sprint to the first 5 yard cone and then backpedal to the 0 yard cone. Caricoa quick step to the 10 yard cone and back to the 0 yard cone.

Finally, shuffle laterally to the 15 yard cone and back again to the 0 yard line.

Run Shuffle Run

Requires 4 Cones 
Set up the cones in a straight line with 5 yards in between, except for the middle two cones which will be 4 yards apart.

Start at one of the end cones and sprint to the middle. When you reach the second cone, turn and shuffle laterally until you reach the third cone, then sprint to the fourth cone. Rest for a few seconds and then repeat going back the opposite way to work the other lateral side.

Attack and Retreat

Requires 5 Cones 
Set up the cones like the 5 on a die, 4 corners with a cone in the middle. All of the cones should be about 5 yards apart from one another.

Start at center and backpedal diagonally to one of the corners. Return to the center corner with a diagonal sprint. Repeat for the other 3 corners to complete a full circle.

Off Set Weave

Requires 7 Cones 
Set the cones up in a zigzag pattern with 5 yards between each cone.Start by sprinting from the first cone to the second. Then backpedal to the third cone before swiveling the hips to turn and run straight for the 4 cone. Continue this sprint and backpedal with hip twists to change directions.

Figure 8

Requires 7 Cones 
Set the cones up in a figure 8 pattern.This drill is unique for working on rounding. Starting at the bottom, sprint a rounded infinity loop.

For one version, always face the same direction. This requires you to step in all directions.

For another version, run straight on through the figure 8, constantly change the direction you’re facing. Both versions will give a full range of agility practice, as long as you repeat the loop set a second time going the opposite direction.

Tips for Agility Cone Drills

  • Remain low and athletic. Keep your center of gravity (your hips) low.
  • Focus on quality over quantity
  • Always aim for at least 2 sets of the drill. You can go up to 5.
  • Try to vary the drills within one workout. Usually using 3 to 4 different drills is ideal.
  • If the original drill works predominantly on one side, always remember to reverse the drill for half of the sets.
  • Keep rest periods short, always less than a minute between sets. Resting too long takes away from the cardiovascular training and also eliminates the real game conditions.
  • You almost always want to sprint full speed unless there’s a good reason not to. Max out at 100% speed in all directions and with all steps.
  • Avoid weight lifting and plyometric type exercises before running agility cones. Start fresh so you can dedicate the energy.
  • Make turns by leading with your hips and/or shoulders.
  • Pump your arms as you sprint.
  • Of course, you can run agility cone drills without cones, as long as you use brightly colored objects to serve as markers.
  • Consider timing and tracking your runs through each drill for self-improvement, but never sacrifice quality for a better time.


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