1000 pushups a day

1000 Pushups a Day Challenge

Working out is a great way of staying healthy, it keeps our bodies well-oiled, active and better at consuming energy, all of which results in a healthier and better lifestyle. There are a lot of ways of training your body, some of which being more intense than others, today we’re going to take a look at the 1000 pushups a day challenge, an exercise routine that is as beneficial as it sounds daunting. Pushups are one of the most basic yet most effective methods of exercise in the world, it simply requires you to push your body away from the ground at a particular angle, resulting in your entire upper torso being worked on.

When doing pushups at a proper angle, your whole upper body is being strained, including your triceps, pectoral muscles, and your shoulder muscles, you can even adjust your angle little by little to focus more on individual muscle groups. The 1000 pushups a day challenge involves doing 1000 pushups in a single day, it sounds like a pretty tough exercise routine that is suitable for hardcore bodybuilders, but in reality, it isn’t as hard as it sounds. No one is physically capable of doing 1000 pushups in a single go, the exercise routine breaks down your workout into multiple sets of pushups, and these sets are practiced throughout the entire day.

The goal of this challenge is to start off with a small number of pushups and then slowly work your way up, start off with 20 pushups per set and do 5 sets per day, take a short break between each set and if you feel tired, then it’s okay to take longer breaks as well. After a week of doing 100 pushups every day add 20 more reps to each set, resulting in 40 pushups per set, keep on adding more push-ups to your routine on a weekly basis till you’ve reached 1000 pushups per day. By the time you reach 1000 pushups per day, your body should become accustomed to the punishment, and you can finally start making gains.

While making effort and pushing your body beyond its limit is a vital part of exercising, resting is also equally important, while following this routine you should include a rest day after every two days of doing pushups. During these rest days, you can focus on other parts of your body or do cardio and let your body recover. Otherwise, you could run a risk of suffering from repetitive stress injuries in your elbows and wrists.

Remember to control your diet as well, all the exercise in the world won’t amount to anything if your body isn’t getting the sort of energy and nutrients it needs to grow and progress. Besides being an incredibly simple exercise routine to follow the 1000 pushups a day routine has numerous benefits which make it suitable for all kinds of people. Also remember not to go overboard with your pushups, over exercising can result in muscle degradation and even injury that can seriously affect your exercise routine. Remember to take it slow and be patient with your body, if you feel like you aren’t ready to add more push-ups to your routine, then there’s no shame in continuing with the same number of pushups for another week.

1000 Pushups a Day Benefits

One of the best things about this exercise routine is that you don’t need to invest time and money in going to a gym, pushups are incredibly easy to do and can be done anywhere you have a flat and hard surface. You also don’t need an instructor to tell you how to do it, in fact, you can incorporate different types of pushups in your routine to provide every muscle group in your upper body with the attention that it needs to increase in size. You can find out about various pushup exercises on YouTube and bodybuilding blogs and start practicing them.

Another great thing about these kind of exercise routines is that if done correctly they almost always provide results fast. This pushup routine is designed to push your body further and further on a weekly basis, keeping your muscles filled with excess blood at all times, resulting in them staying pumped and gaining strength at a faster pace. The intense nature of this exercise also makes it great for burning away body fat as quickly as possible and making you lean quite fast. If you practice your sets at various times throughout the day, then your body will stay pumped at all times, making you look your best and making your gains noticeable.

Besides helping people bring their bodies into shape, this exercise routine can also help people maintain their muscles while they can’t hit the gym. If you’re on vacation, then start off with this routine to keep your muscles from relaxing until you can go back to training with your weights. This routine can also be counted as a cardio exercise since doing so many pushups on regular basis results in plenty of calories being burnt, it also increases your body’s overall ability to burn calories since your muscles increase in strength and start demanding more energy.

The last and perhaps the best benefit from this exercise routine is that it can be practiced at any time, you don’t need to make time for working out, whether you’re at home or at your office, simply take 5 to 15 minutes to complete a set and continue with whatever you were doing before.

The 1000 pushups a day exercise routine isn’t an easy one, but it’s far from some of the toughest training schedules out there and is relatively easy to follow. Within 10 weeks time, your body will have undergone a pretty massive transformation, and the results of your hard work will start to show.



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